Thursday, June 18, 2009

A twitch that wasn't

On Monday - Royal Tern on the pager! Couldn't go on the Tuesday. Awaited news with a slight tremor. All geared up for a long trip to N Wales - on Tuesday the bird didn't show, so I didn't go -a twitch that wasn't!

Mates of mine on their way back from birding in Northumberland via Norfolk for a raptor or two were having bets on when I was leaving and when arriving and having a laugh at my expence - so when we met up last night for a spot of Roding Woodcock and Nightjar hunting the laugh was on them!

Weather a slight factor as it decided to rain before we left and then as we arrived...nowt to stop the Nightjars! Nice healthy numbers churring and several flying - one right over us. A reasonable sight of a roding Woodcock but one of us dipped apart from the tail from in the wood !

Nice pint in the Red Lion.

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