Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A bit of a breather blogwise.

Long time since my last blog...well its been busy - between birding, electioneering, having hassles with the pc.....

I have seen Polecats in UK - not far from London!
Been collecting lifers of the Pratincole kind.
Visiting Kent, Sussex, Surrey and the Home counties with a trip to Norfolk, Devon and a very brief visit to Lancs (sorry Pauco but I didn't know we were going to do a diversion from Yorkshire!)

No time to blog!

Oh and a half term Friday visit to Wakehurst Place - on a day that turned into a scorcher -
secret target bird - a Kingfisher for my friend who had never seen one and wanted to photo one..which we saw and she got a record shot of...before we really admired the gardens...if you havent been Trish you'd enjoy it!

the day that the M25 ground to a halt and we had to go cross country to get home -a feat of navigational skills that I was proud of!

All pics are Pats.

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