Thursday, June 18, 2009

Reached the 250 Year Birds

Just been sorting out the lists!

Kent and Sussex still need to be entered at some point on Bubo Listing.

256 for the year so far.....missed some really obvious Dotterels - some i will have to wait for on their return from their breeding sites....and some I need to seek out like the Spot and Pied Fly's - Wood Warbler, so a trip to the Forest of Dean called for I think...doesn't help that i am not planning on a Scotland Highland trip this year (may change my mind as I do love it up there!)

some sea watching is on order!

Some Waders also to be sought out!

Looking forward to two weeks on Shetland in the Autumn...might find a rare or two!

I have enjoyed watching the Garden Birds in my garden this year as the feeders are a defo attraction for busy mum and dad birds! At the moment my tree gets filled with fledglings.The Swifts continue to scream over my house daily and its lovely watching them feeding.

(Wonder if that Ruddy Shelduck off Crossness counts or not?)

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