Sunday, December 21, 2008

Well I went on a dip today!
Non showing Penduline Tits at Rainham Marshes!
Yes I really wanted to go round the M25 today - still what we do for our art!

So to cheer myself up I had a look at my SA pics and thought ahh i give you

Later this week I will visit Barnes to see what might be about with cameras and friend...who wants to see a Kingfisher. We never see one - altho I have seen them at Barnes when she isn't with me and there are other local places where I see 'em and guess what? Yup they hide when she is around.

So lets see.

Oh yes Waxwings are on their way to West London (I hope!! Talons crossed!)


Anonymous said...


I'm planning a trip to barns this week what day you going might see you there

Eagleseagles said...

looks like tuesday
text me ....


Anonymous said...

Waxwings on their way... that's exciting news. Hope they make it to Dorset (I've never seen one) but I know just the berry-laden bushes they would love. Fingers-crossed. Love the dragons (photographed them a lot this summer/autumn). Jane

Anonymous said...

Hey sneaky! those waxwings have now changed course, and are returning to Chorley Ooop north ok.


Anonymous said...

Forgot to say, love the Dragon pics.