Friday, February 15, 2008

Some Espana Photos

No I havent been on a short trip to Espana!

I received a CD from John Moon who was on our Pyrenees trip last June.
We went with Jules and Ken Shaw of Oliva Rama Tours

We had a terrific time and its been lovely to look at the photos and remember the holiday all over again!

Extract from Jules Birding diary
Friday 1st - 9th June :- This was my second week away to the Pyrenees & N/E Spain and was ever bit as fantastic and bird-filled as the week before, with most of the species being seen again with one or two additions or exceptions. During our eight days we saw many excellent birds including :- Great White Egret, Glossy Ibis, Squacco & Purple Heron, Little Bittern, Marbled Duck, Crested Coot, Lammergeyer, Egyptian Vulture, Golden, Short toed & Booted Eagles, Audouin's & Slender billed Gulls, Caspian Tern, Black bellied Sandgrouse, Black Woodpecker, Dupont's Lark, Ring Ouzel, Western Orphean Warbler, Penduline Tit, Wallcreeper, Alpine Chough, Citril Finch, Alpine Accentor, & Ortolan Bunting plus much more.

I will add that Tony, Brian and John who were also with us had a good time as well altho where their photos are I dont know!

I shall post several of John's photos here.
Mine were record shots mainly and not worthy!(Might just have another look at them again?)

This Night Heron was intent on his prey!

The Crag Martin's nest was on the end wall of our Hotel in Hecho.

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