Wednesday, February 06, 2008

More pics from West Wales

Starts with Llys-y-fran, the Pacific Diver(!)and then to LisvaneReservoir. Whilst I was waiting for the Spotted Sandpiper to show, I watched a pair of Great Crested Grebes and the beginnings of their nest.In between them leaving the nest, a Coot would come and stand on the nest. It soon abandoned the nest when the GCG returned! Struck me as funny at the time, as it happened quite a few times.I did not get a pic of the Coot on the nest, as either I was laughing, or it wasn't long enough or something else happened!

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Eagleseagles said...

Posted the last pic twice and when deleting and then posting the other grebe got the order muddled I might sort this out later!
The pics are the originals and I could spend lots of time having a go at making them better but for the mo I have to go out!