Monday, February 11, 2008

A moan in Sussex

What amazing weather!
Only problem...people!
In the winter one of the joys of birding is arriving at your destination and finding few if any people around.
The ones that are are either walking the dog (good and bad behaviour from owners here) or out for a proper walk!
Out comes the sun and what?
People who understand little or nothing about Nature and the accompanying children. Now I dont know whether the lack of knowledge about wildlife correlates with lack of child discipline but I observe it all the time!
Oh other moan with the sun out come people who clearly dont drive often or very far usually!We observed some of the more bizarre behaviour driving yesterday than usual.
I will comment on one 20 something driver (the fact she was a woman is irrelevant)we had stopped at Sever sisters CP so I could use the loo and Bob could consult the map as to which of several ways we would continue across Sussex to Rye Harbour.
Out of a very packed car park and up an admitted narrowish country road...and behind scared of sussex. Was she a new signs. Was she actually scared to be driving? Stop and use only large roads have another driving lesson or walk!
I am glad it wasn't me driving behind...after applying brakes in places where there were no reasons to do so and practically climbing the hedges when another car came in sight all at under 20mph! in a 30 mph area...we came to the A27 and relief we thought. No on a Sunday in the sunshine the powers that be had closed both lanes of a major road and no sign of any work going on!
Cross country to reach another main road unfortunately all the time behing said nervous driver.
By the time we had reached the main roan and had to turn left our relief was still being tested as yes we waited and waited and waited for her to decide to turn out into two lanes in which almost all the traffic was in the outside lane!!

Anyway once we were out RELIEF!

I do not know what posesses people to drive at 20 mph take ages to decide to turn out into any road clearly does not understand the highway code,when there is nothing to see except hedges...there are laybys to go into which are not used....grrrrl!!

I expect I will moan about the behaviour of some people in the Nature Reserve at Rye Harbour in my next post but mainly we did have a good day! Oh for overcast skies for the rest of February and keep non nature lovers inside their doors!!

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