Thursday, November 03, 2011

greedy moorhen keeps the geese at bay

Well it wouldn't let me publish the Moorhen sequence i will have another go later.
The surprise meeting was with Colin (I am 82) as we were going into the Peacock Tower he and his friends were just comoing out- last time I saw Colin was on Shetland the morning he was returning to England!
We had spent a very interesting week on Shetland with Shetland Wildlife and being guided by Hugh Harrop (himself) usually Hugh goes with the photographers group.
This was the week of the Lesser Grey Shrike - who we saw each time we went to see it!
The dip of the week - all the way to Fetlar for a Grey-cheeked Thriush who went overnight before we got there- that would have been a nice Shetland tic! Even more sad though was it would havce been a liferfor everyone else in the group. We gave it a good go but also it was not to be. But we were waiting for our ferry back to the mainland(the last of the day) and a couple of birders told Hugh about the Little Bunting- back(a little bit further on where we had just come from- so we all jumped in the minibus and hared off - got the bird - hopping by the side of the road just where they said- for a few mins - quick pics and then hared back and just got on the ferry as it was closing its barrier! Otherwise we would have had to stay overnight and sleep in the van! a Close Shave!
Hadn't meant to talk about that but it was fun! Oh and the mad twitch from one end of Unst to the other in failing light to see the Black -headed bunting!and then the rush back for Dinner! Great times!
Back to Barnes-
lets see if the Moorhens will post?

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