Thursday, November 03, 2011

Barnes and a surprise meeting!

Camera says "Where to -today?" I say not sure "wonder if Pat can spare a couple of hours- we havent been to Barnes for a while and we can get good coffee there and have lunch"
So camera gets its way and we are off for more practise. I looked on the web before we left- Booming Bittern! and a cast of lovelies! (linnet, redpoll, grey wag, Peregrine and other raptors, Redwings and Fieldfares ......)

well they obviously had decided to move on by the time we got there or went into hiding- well the Bittern hid!

Still practise was useful.....
Bird of the day - wild - Common Redpoll - but the light was horrid by then so not good for pics!
They have also stolen my "Crane" dont know where thats gone but I miss him!

Lots of fun with a Greedy Moorhen - stopping Redbrested Geese and others feeding from the supplied food!

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