Thursday, October 01, 2009

And another dip!

Well I didn't really expect that the Leach's Petrel would still be on Staines Res - but you have to give it a go dont you?

So I was there at 6am complete with large Costa Coffee - and so too were a couple of other Birders - one who is a patch birder who saw said bird yesterday!

By 8.30 my hands were cold (forgot gloves) I needed a pee and I had interviewed all 6000 other birds to see whether the smug looking BH Gulls had actually eaten him for supper or he had merrily gone on his tour of inland reservoirs!

Still rather nice Linnet and Mipit flock contained at least one Whinchat!

The Pied Wags were and there was a Grey Wagtail.

oh yes and a couple of Black-necked Grebes but since they are locally known to be about it was not so exciting as it might have been - altho they are a lovely bird!

That must be all my badluck out of the way - along with the fact I cant now go to seek out the Zitting Kent bird tomorrow am as I have a committment first thing!
So Kent birders who still need it get down there tomorrow - you are bound to see it!

So fresh climes - the thermals and fleeces will be packed in readiness for the gales I am expecting on Shetland - please some Easterlies - and a couple of calm nights...

I might even have to buy a Fair Isle cardy when I am there!

No pics didn't take the camera - the canon 100-400 is on loan to a friend...but here is a little bird I saw on Stanwell Moor this week -no prizes for guessing the id.

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