Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cornwall Day2 Part 3 - Gulls 1

Now here are some interesting photographs by Simon Chidwick of a possible
Azorian Yellow legged Gull - at Sennen Cove. Now I did see this bird and took pics of it but when I uploaded them they were out of focus! Simon has kindly given me permission to post them here. If anyone has any thoughts please post them and I will pass them on to Simon.


Anonymous said...

2nd pic. My opinion is the Gull at the end, is an adult (winter) Y-L-G. 'michahellis'reason: the bill is not as heavy looking, and the head looks smaller, than you would expect in an 'Azores' Y-L-G. The 2 at the forefront, 1 stood-1 sat, are they both late 1st winter Common-Gulls?

Anonymous said...

Well C, enough indecision, neck on the line - coff - after much looking I am going with Azores Y-L-G Juv-moulting into 1st winter. the heavy bill, with well shown gonys, dark-bill, this Gull looks smaller, which is good for Azores Y-L-G, eye mask, pale chest/face, white moons on primary's, now await to be shot down in flames.

bye for now.


Eagleseagles said...

Interesting as its second winter according to someone(?) was it Simon or Cornwall Birding?

I thought 1st year but then I am only learning!Gulls is tricky!


Anonymous said...

Well C, as far as Gulls go i think we are all learning. there are only 3 people i would class as experts.

The (late)P.J.Grant, who did so much work on the complexities of immature plumages, and gave us Gull nuts the chance to advance our own skills. The birding world is a sadder place with his loss.

The other 2 are. Klaus Malling Olsen, and Hans Larsson. You have their book, so you know how far they have advanced the I.D. for Gulls.

Anonymous said...

Well it just goes to show you really do need to check their legs properly!! those 2 i thought were Common-Gulls, turn out to be Med's i have checked and double checked, why because i thought the bill's were too slender for a Med, but it is those legs, colour does make a difference. Will you check them as well C, and give me your opinion please, and just to humour me tell me what you think of the bill, as against the Med Gull. I found Simons e-mail of great interest on the Azores Gull.