Thursday, April 03, 2008

Sussex foray

Burton Mill Pond is a lovely site.
Bob and I went down there to spy the Bittern earlier this year.Following Bob's Easter visit he told me about the Firecrests there.
I was greeted by the sound of a male singing as I got out of my car in the Car Park. It took a while top locate it as the feisty chap whizzed about at the top of a tree.
However I really need not have worried as I spotted a confiding pair exactly where Bob had said on my walk around the Pond!

Lots of lovely birds about but sadly no new year ticks of migrants!

So to Pulborough Brooks for the coffee and loo stop!
A bonus LRP spotted there!

A short stay in Sussex as i had work to do!

Having had some pretty aweful weather since this trip I wish I had gone to Pagham first- still to see Wimbrel and Spotted Red!

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