Friday, April 18, 2008

Mottisfont Abbey Garden, House and Estate

Yesterday a trip to Hampshire to Mottisfont

We picked the right day weather wise. As well as a look at the garden and house plus a coffee on arrival and lunch before the 6 and a half mile walk we had a really enjoyable day.

The weather actually improved as the day wore on!
The best part of the day was the 2 and a half hours where we didn't see another walker and the only people seen were a couple of drivers of cars as we crossed a lane!

We had some lovely views of woodland birds- Robin, Blackbird and the usual Tits but also Coal Tits (not usual to see then in London) and close up views of a female Kestrel in a tree, Blackcap pair obviously nesting,Chaffinch and Goldcrests, Great spot woody and Yaffles everywhere (their "Yaffle" that is!) Only Mallards seen on the river....odd I thought.Dunnocks and Wrens everywhere.

Fabulous views of soaring Buzzards.

Corvids a plenty with Rooks being the most scarce , Jackdaws and then plentiful Crows and oddly only the occasional Magpie.

There was a wood (next to part of the Estate) which had a floor full of Bluebells- stretching as far as the eye could see.

Lots of different habitats. The NT are working on bringing in hedges and natural breaks in land- some parts left au natural others coppiced and other areas are cultivated but with wildlife as a priority.

Good to see.

When I have download a few pics...they will be posted.

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