Friday, January 11, 2008

On the Beeb!

If you click on the title you can see the bird has hit more headlines.
Do not open the actual clip but the whole thing and then go to 22 mins and watch the item!

The extract comes out badly visually!

Well this will now have to wait as I must go to bed as we are off to Norfolk -
the west side tomorrow!

Year list 112 or 113 RSPB list reads 112 the BOU speadsheet (it adds up each tick for you reads 113.

I cant work out which bird is missing so I will go through my list tomorrow and then check with Bob what we have seen on two days birding!

I do know my UK life list is 337 - not too bad since I have been birding seriously again since 2004 and keeping a year list since 2005.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring?
Got a few target birds but mainly its whatever we turn up!

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