Sunday, April 08, 2007

Yet more photos from Costa Rica

Well the World Cup Cricket throws up continuous surprises....mainly The Irish and the Bangra Boys!! Good on 'em I say!

Well i thought it would be Oz, SA, Kiwis and SL in the finals......will i be correct?
Englands batting looked a bit wobbly at the begining.....come on KP!!!

So to the pics...once again Sean Dennis photos....
1st a Black and White Owl....roosting and living in a village public square...I kid you not along with a Sloth(Two toed) and some other birds!!

Double striped Thickknee and a Jabiru sitting on its nest with chick!

and a Black-headed Trogon.

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Anonymous said...

I love Sean's photos. I am addicted to see what photo you will put up next!!