Wednesday, April 18, 2007


9 wickets NINE wickets yes NINE WICKETS

Cant believe it - well I can unfortunately in the BIG game where even tho they didn't deserve it England had the chance to make the semi final what did they do yes.
Stuck to the losing system...same top 3 batters , not go on the attack during the power plays...
keep the wickets so that you blaze through the last 10 overs. one else plays that way any more we cant keep our wickets and we dont get to the last 10 overs!
Well any muppet can see that what has changed? Well our players have grown more and more lacking in any confidence except misplaced confidence of a terrible one day batter who is a great Test Skipper!

We all knew what would happen and it has.....

growl growl.

Wonder if it will make any difference.

Still I shall now enjoy watching the semis and the final.

Do I care who wins? well I would much rather it was the Kiwis or the Sri Lankans-

but then if they are really great wins and maybe our ECB will watch and learn rather than think we can keep it the same old same old.

Still awaiting my first Swift.....and Swallow... maybe when i travel up to Rutland Water on Friday I'll be rewarded....perhaps Paxton Pits for my first Nightengale too....we will see.

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