Monday, October 09, 2006

Birding on Orkney

Well I'm suddenly having more problems with my blog.

I shall attempt to post my birding tales on Orkney later, as it hasn't let me do so until now.

I deleted my post that somehow had a portugese advert in it that took several attempts - but its now gone!!

Will be back later going out to practise with my new compact digital camera which almost speaks!!
Wonder if my photography will improve?

Actually visited 5 unexpected landing on Sanday on the flight to North Ronaldsay (North Ron as its referred to on the Island) to pick up
"medical specimens" said Alison - the Warden at the Bird Observatory. She and her son were waiting at Kirkwall Airport when we arrived to discover they should have flown back the day before!!They were on our flight. The smallest plane I've been in so far! Pilot and then behind him, 8 seats.
The weather fog and mist or as I used to say clouds on the ground. This meant we flew higher than usual.
We discovered that as well as the 4 peoples luggage we left behind for the next flight that we had an extra piece of luggage, then the next flight attempted to land and couldn't,so returned to the Mainland (main Island of Orkney) with two of our group there minus one suitcase!!
The next day the skies were clear so all luggage and people were reunited!!

Where we stayed.
The Journey from St. Margaret Hope was interesting with Mike saying well I've never seen Orkney so sunny, the weather is the best I've ever seen, and so on and so on backed up by a couple of chaps who had been before!! Then it was off in the minibus along the 4th Churchill Barrier to we stopped and spied our first Waders! Redshank, Oystercatchers and Turnstones (this was were we might have seen a Little Gull or two but they were elsewhere)
Culture- The Italian Chapel, a visit here (not one Pete has been to - I think?)
You can read about it here

On the Mainland we meandered about eventually visiting another cultural place the Ring of Brodgar- you can read about these stones here

We finally reached our hotel at 18.00 having left my b and b about 8.45am.

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