Monday, October 09, 2006

The Bird List

On the Monday we were fortunate to see a Blyth's Reed Warbler and Yellow Browed Warbler.
I think it was the Tuesday we saw Barred , Garden and Marsh Warblers.

There was of course a tale or two behind these bland sentances of -----------------------
scrambling over barbed wire fences, checking whether other fences were electrified or not...well on or off really you can see easily if the fence is capable of having a current run through it!! Learning how to climb dry stone walls with out knocking them or yourself down....and other useful stuff!! Making sure there were no rabbit holes to fall fact it was quite an adventure!!

I was very glad of my gaitors...specially where the thistles and stinging nettles were!!

There was also the local pager service...well mobile phone calls (if you were high enough to receive them!) This was from the Observatory when they heard of a rare or scarce bird.

Now I saw a Wood Pigeon and in my innocence called it one night...the room went still and the silence was great......Alison the Warden said....thats very unusual....and moved on quickly...
I thought but I did see one , but I hadn't said anything thinking thay were as common as my local patch!! Apparently not! So I was highly relieved when a tip top birder reported one the next day early...and others saw it too and my call went on the record!!

Self found Wood Pigeon does not really have a ring to it does it?

To be continued

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Eagleseagles said...

Just revisited this blog to say I was off to New Zealand so wouldn't be blogging for a while unless I can find a spare pc....just seen I didn't finish the Orkney Tale!

It will have to wait as I really am busy now!!