Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy New Year!

I will attempt to be better at blogging this year! Ok so quick catch up- start of the year was all to do with looking after my friends Belgium Shepherd Puppy and two kittens whilst they went ski-ing. So I was relocated to Richmond Surrey- and due to dog walking duties as well as feeding 3 lots of other cats birding was done despite of and not deliberate! lol! But I was able to go to South Ealing to see the waxwing flock there - photo Sue Barry used with permission.
Yesterday despite a persistent cough and not feeling brilliant I determined to cheer myself up as it as a dry day and no snow! So off birding - this time following a well trodden route by other birders! Moor Green Lakes- Horton GP's- Wraysbury (overlooking not walking around!) and then to local patch at Stanwell Moor. Well I was cheered up - as I was able to see a Pallas' Warbler - followed by two Buff-bellied Pipits (first I have seen in England- although I have seen them on Shetland before!) - strangely feeding around large puddles! Result! But also the supporting cast of Goosander, Smew and assorted ducks made a nice trip- but this was all topped off by one showy Water Pipit and 2 Short Eared Owls hunting on Stanwell Moor! Oh yes and what a calamity a flat battery in my camera :( - so much for being an organised person- I blame the cough.

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