Saturday, April 07, 2012

A rare bird and migrants!

I was going to visit Stanwell Moor and Staines Reservoirs today. I missed a phone call from Bob last night as I was at a Dinner Party!
I rang him this morning after collecting my new glasses- he had been thinking about going for the Gull in Lincs---but as it was a bit elusive we wanted to wait a bit for it...and he was free tomorrow and I was free on Monday!
I said I was going to Stanwell Moor and he mentioned a Rouzel! Not looked at pager and there was a rare bird on a local patch- we agreed to go together in the afternoon.

No pics - sorry every bird was either scoped or just too quick for a pic altho I had camera with me!

Now weather was overcast and cloudy with threat of rain -so a bit miserable- well Bob and I ended up not a bit miserable.
So to Stanwell Moor and since nothing on the pager since the morning it was a wonder moment- until we met a birder and the Ring Ouzel had been seen!On our way Bob spotted a bird and we were sure it was a Willow Warbler and finally the legs were seen! Good! a year tick for us both!
We spotted a birder watching something and as we approached - Bob saw the target and scope views in case it flew off! We both got better and closer views.Relief.
We meet some birders Bob knew -and so to try for Hirundines at my Farm!
Last visited the other week. Nothing new at all until on the way out - as we passed the Farm I spotted a Hirundine- "BOB" - up bins and we said House Martin! Yes and then Bob said look a ........"Swallow " both males and great to see back!migrants are us!
4 year ticks!

Off to Staines Reservoirs - I wanted LRP's and Bob was not really bothered but would like a Common Tern!
As I said on Facebook earlier - I have not seen LRP's in the last couple of weeks - dipping them- but rather like buses....(when 3 come along!) we saw 4 - at first....but actually the total was 8 - eight! 4 Ringed Plovers - very tricky trying to count them as they kept whizzing aound.

Also seen The Shag - still resident - adult Little Gull and a couple of 1st winters- 3 Black-necked Grebes resplendant in full breeeding plumage- a scaup...oh yes a lovely male Wheatear and a Water Pipit plus (from the farm- a white headed Wagtail all beautifully marked)....and a male Mandarin - bob not seen one in 35 years birding at Staines Res!
All together a lovely afternoon...also collected Andrew Moon (thats a serious piece of camera and lens!)

Very happy birder!

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