Sunday, March 04, 2012

A dip and some new year ticks

Well that Paddyfield Warbler continues to elude me! (29/02/12)

It was the rain and winds early morning and a so called sighting of a millisecond 30 mins before we got there all pointed to a dip.

Bob found a Yellow-legged Gull and a few birders he knew but that was it!

So we went to Worthing to try for a sussex tick - a Yellow-browed Warbler! Yup get in!

Then it was shall we eat as Bob was hungry- to Pulborough Brooks and nice food!

WE hoped the firecrest that had been about might still be there and lol it was - great alert by his call and then fleeting glimpses and then there he was all perched up and feisty looking!

Paddy needs time - I hope we might be somewhere nearby when it shows well in the sunshine - or something more tantalising for Bob appears nearby- he is not encouraged by the amount of cover and the apparent skulky nature of a bird he dont need!
No pics as all too far or quick for my camera!

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