Saturday, May 21, 2011

Chiswick House

A pictorial visit to Chiswick House in Chiswick Gardens.

On Thursday I joined the Mayor and Mayoress plus the Deputy Mayor on a tour of Chiswick House. There were lots of other mayors from around London Boroughs there as well.(as well as a couple of local cllrs - two of whom had been Mayors!).

After the welcome speeches about Colin's two charities we were given a guided tour of Chiswick House by a guide from English Heritage.

I am not going to repeat any of that as it was brimful of exciting information and historical context. If you want to visit CH then there is a superb website - google Chiswick House and gardens.

I am very familiar with the gardens as I have wakledseveral dogs there - who are very welcome!

The House nope not before!
There will be a series of pics taken inside the House.If you wish to learn more go to the website.

(the tour then had tea and cake (I had another meeting to get too so missed that!) and they then went to hogarth's House - I have been a long time ago - but I think I would have preferred that as I have a bit more in commopn with Hogarth's politics than the builder of CH.
I will upload the pics later as they seem to be reluctant to appear at the mo!

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