Monday, March 07, 2011

Another catch up!

Well a saunter(not!) out to Essex today and a Green-winged Teal!

Now I have a chance of catching up with the birds that Bob managed to see when he had some time to go birding when I was working!

Not that he had connected with the Slaty-backed - but then if he had gone on Wednesday 16th - when he was on the Isle of Sheppey -I reckon we would have met up at the car park at Rainham! Instead he had 6 hours on the following Monday not seeing it.

Now Coue's Arctic Redpoll - would be nice for the year list. First Coue's seen by me was in 2005 at Titchwell where I had Lesser, Mealy and Arctic all in my scope at the same time!That was an experience.
Although my first Hornemanni Arctic was stunning - especially as it was on Unst(2009) and the 1st winter would probably never seen a human before!

So I am trying to see if I can get to Richmond Park tomorrow afternoon to seek out a bird that was seen on Friday - although I see it is still on the pager as probable. Better get over to Johnny Allan's blog and see what he has to say about the bird!

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