Sunday, August 01, 2010

Hounslow Heath Nature Reserve

A quick jaunt down the road to Thursley produced a lovely Wood Sand.

Went for an amble around Hounslow Heath after looking at a couple of Planning issues.

Saw one Rabbit, one Rat and lots of birds despite the fact it was very cloudy humid and overcast! It was quiet until you stood and waited....

Wren, Blackbird, Blue,Great and a large flock of LTTits.Herring Gulls, Crows and Magpies with Wood Pigeon and Ferals.Kept hearing the Yaffle and finally saw a Green Woody!
Then came the Warblers, Blackcaps, Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler, Whitethroat and then the unexpected year tick- Garden Warbler! Later on another Garden Warbler- typical!

I didn't go over to the River Crane as it was getting on and I wanted to watch the last evening of the European Athletics Championships!That can wait-Butterflies seen Meadow Brown, Small Copper and Large White - that I could id and a black Insect with red wings which looked menacing!

(Heard that Little Owls are back in Osterley Park on Saturday when I ran into a friend as we were leaving OP...good to catch up with Hugh again)
Yesterday we had some good views of a very large Dragonfly and some pretty Blue Damselflies (?) where is that book?
So a little search on the net is required here!

Cattle Egret at Dungeness along with the GWE so I wonder?

Maybe it will be Kent?
Then Frank is back - seems to roost at a Staffs reservoir....long time since I have seen one and this is a lovely male adult!

Ok Athletics on -----

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