Thursday, December 31, 2009

BTO Atlas TTV 28th December

An enjoyable day. Sunny (mainly) - cold but without the usual sheppey biting wind!

See Devil Birders blog- David Campbell and Phil Wallace blogs alongside for photo's.

I planned on doing a couple of hours on my 1st Winter visit to my tetrads. I spent much longer but hey it was cool!

Great seeing Seth the Gibster and his other half Sam plus Glen again.
Kent birders - I hassled them al - as I want them to submit roving records!

then David and Phil - which was really nice as I only knew them from the internet!

Great birds too.....BOP -including Peregrine, Kes and Sprawk plus Marsh Harriers and lovely Hen Harriers of both genders.
Dizzies everywhere how to count em accurately? Well I did my best - it was when the 1000plus went up that it got tricky! Just doule the number u first thought and thats pretty accurate-underestimating is my folly!

37 Bewicks flew over our heads calling - delightful!
Masses of Mute Swans - I like the description given of them in a "herd"!
All birding done from the road as the water meadows were in need of waders and I didn't wporry the farmer as it was still Christmas!

When I go down for the 2nd winter visit - I shall walk all over the farm land as well. (have permission on one tetrad - the other I shall have to look at from different angles but still am able to walk along footpaths to cover quite a bit.

Lapwings by the hundreds- curlew - one spied and 15 Ruff plus all sorts!

I'm off to sort out my Sussex list!

Oh the Kent list shown on the blog is since 2004 when I re started birding seriously - I have still to find my schoolgirl diaries (in the loft somewhere) to check on any other species that I know I saw but not sure where!

2010 is the year when I attempt to get my Kent and Sussex lists respectable!
oh and sort out a London List as well - so unless its a Lifer or UK lifer I shant be travelling all over the UK (except holls on Shetland!) - perhaps a visit to Norfolk just because I have to, but I am not year listing this year.

I do have some rather important other stuff to get on with as well!LOL!

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