Friday, November 06, 2009

Fan-tailed Warbler in Kent

Finally the FTW, I do prefer "Zitting Cisticola" as this is how I was first introduced. In Espana in 2005.
However the UK list and Kent list were begining to be an embarrassment.
Leaving home later than I intended I didn't get on site until after 9. Worried that the pager had said "showing well at 8am" would I dip?

Well the bird then proceeded to show briefly with quick hovers which I managed to miss!

At this point I decided that I really ought to look at the waders on show. I then recommenced attempting to connect with the FTW. I spied a birder further away from the assembled twitchers.
A nice chap (who had informed me where the bird had shown prior to my arrival) pointed out that said birder was "a local". A loudmouth "tw**" then proceeded to annoy me with his loud voice whose contents hardly added to anyones knowledge. Concentration ruined, I joined the local birder checking that I was ok to do so. Sensible Corinna - he turned out to be friendly, helpful and informative. I enjoyed the Merlin spooking the assembled waders several times, Dylan (for it was he) pointed out a small flock of Twite - which whilst I had seen dozens in Shetland recently are a bird I love to see.
Then after about 30mins, Dylan suggested moving towards the hide and as we did so the FTW decide to fly out of his previous hiding place into some cover - result! Then again after a little while, a longer flight into the bank close to the seawall.Good bin sights.

Dylan went into the grassy knoll and I stayed with 2 other quiet birders searching (with bins!) in the reeds and salt marsh. We noticed there were many passerines about in the small trees and bushes that surround the "GK", when Dylan indicated he had the bird, not using any path I walked across the grass careful not to disturb the bird along with the other 2, but the dudes almost used the path but were stopped by a quick call and arm waving!

The FTW had again dropped down but I knew where and it flew up and perched on the Tree right in front of us! Dylan made sure everyone was on the bird.

This time I had scoped brilliant views.

I turned to thank Dylan for his help and he was grinning, he finally had his photo and not a bad one at all.

It was now 11 and a cupof tea and bacon roll were calling. A happy "Eagle" left the GK - as D went off home.

Not a bad priced breakfast at the Dog Walker's Cafe.

Photo is here on Dylan's blog

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