Wednesday, May 06, 2009

My Swifts are back!

Now I have seen Swifts over the last week passing over my house at first light and also when woken up and looking out of the window.But these are the "local" Swifts.
In the middle of the day screaming over the house and catching flies.

I shall have to go to see whether they have started building their nests at a local site....not too far away and in the middle of houses....all the way from SA...lovely.

Now they do outshine the Savi's Warbler.....altho from a rariety viewpoint not.
A very early visit was necessitated to see the said bird but you would have had to be deaf not to have heard it! A very elusive bird! oh it was in the Lea Valley and a certain non twitching birder went to see it with a more twitching friend but they heard only.They got there at 7 am and I think breakfast got in the way of them staying all day plus they wanted to look at said non twitchers local patches.....


Warren Baker said...

I get more of a kick from the return of the Swifts than i do going to visit rareaties. Mind you our local swifts have gone again!

The Quacks of Life said...

curiously I was awake. I listened to the Hatton fight at 4am.

I was busy waiting for Mr D and breaky was about half 9.

I have to say the idea of standing around with a bunch of miserable twitchers (C you are an exception) fills me with dread.

This was emphasised at the Grey Cheek Thrush.

birder coming other way.

Dave - is it showing?
birder (in tone that would suggest he had just caught his wife in bed with the loca cricket team) yeah great views. and he never cracked a smile.

I'm sorry but they are so miserable.

Nothing against twitching but it doesn't float my boat. The idea of driving 300 miles to add something to a year list? well feel free but please don't tell me that they care about the enviroment coz be frank they don't. they have carbon foot prints that would make clarkson proud. but its a free world....

of course i do twitch. but they tend to be local OR I am going out for the day so Titchwell or Minsmere? well if there is a Red Flanked Bluetail nearby.....

But the bird I am most proud to have see was a Firecrest at Rye Meads that I found (with a Grey Phalarope at Hanningfield a close second)

each to his/her own I guess.

sorry rant over :D