Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Osprey over my house!

Gets better and better!

Standing by my back door this am and I was looking up at the sky doing a little viz mig and this large bird hove into view.....too big for......

its a bird of prey..............OSPREY! yes indeed!

I discover later that a birder had reported it in from Isleworth Station at 8am - so beat me to it! Just before 8 - I am a couple mins walk from the station!

I also saw that an Osprey was reported from Beddington at 7.30am!

Thought the Honey Buzzard last september was the tops.....from my front bedroom window...

but a flyover my garden!


Warren Baker said...

Nice one indeed Eagles!!

Anonymous said...

Well we will have a very happy bunny eh sneaky.