Monday, June 30, 2008

Espana win the European Cup!

Ole ole ole ole ole ole

Espana playing open attractive football and keeping the ball on the deck for the most part have won!

I was hoping they would win as I enjoy their style of football. It was a shame that Holland could not sustain their game as well.

The powerful South Africans are here - lets hope England can raise their game - KP its time to stand up and be counted. I expect to watch lovely cricket from the SA's just hope we can live with them!

2nd week and Andy is still there, good luck as well as I hope his second serve stands up better than it has so far or Richard Gasquet
will take advantage!Watch those drop shots too!

I think Andy is playing better than I have seen him and he deserves to go through to the quater finals and play probably a certain Spainard!

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