Tuesday, May 29, 2007

England win 2nd Test

Despite the rain and the cold (7 degrees c at one point) England finally and in fits and stops put this test to bed with a record win over the Windies.

Viv Richards, Gary Sobers and the wonderful fast bowlers of yore will be soooooooo
upset to see the sorry state that the WI have come to...not the fault of this team particularly but the mess that the administration have let happen presumably over petty bickering!For soo many years now....I guess Brian Lara papered over the cracks somewhat with his runs but.......he too played his part in the WI downfall.
Sounds like an exam question
How far and in what way were the Cricket Administrators of the West Indies to blame for the ignominy faced in 2007 in Headingley?
Or "Brian Lara - his part in our downfall" Discuss.

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