Friday, March 16, 2007

Cricket lovely Cricket

I will return to post photos by Sean from our Costa Rica trip.

But first Cricket. I dont like cricket I love it!!

England play their first One day Game in the World Cup this afternoon against New Zealand.

After the end of the Aussie series when totally unexpectedly we beat the Aussies...I wondered what might happen.
I had a discussion with Pete re the make up of the squad and the selectors didn't listen to either of us. Actually the majority of the team is the same!
Wicket keepers being of greatest concern.
But also not picking some of the younger players for experience- as we wont win the thing this time anyway!!

My predictions Australia to play South Africa in the final. Windies to play their best and get to the semis....but who with them....?

Did think India...possible or Sri Lanka...I hope England but....

I'd love to be wrong!!

I will return to this topic after the game!!

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