Thursday, September 14, 2006

Four Birds and a Wedding!!

I am not very good at posting every week let alone every day. Maybe if I was at work I'd do it every morning when I arrived.
I went to very close friends Wedding in August and I wrote a draft before the date...just read it and its too personal to put here.
So it was a really lovely Wedding, now some sceptics out there will say aren't they all. No they are not. Often everyone makes an effort but people know its not going to last or somebody makes a fuss or is ignored or its just a really plastic day.
This one was fantastic, everybody loves Shelley and Paul, all the families were great, which with the remarriages and stuff might not have been so hot.
But it seems everyone mixed and got on !!

I have had some great birding adventures. I have posted these elsewhere (The Big Bird Forum) so I am not repeating them here, but meeting up with a group of birders who call themselves
"Widerscope", was great. We had a laugh, I learnt a lot about other beasties and gained lifers!!
I was also entertained by a RIB ride out of this world...well out in the seas off the Cornish Coast!!
I saw a couple of year ticks. I was soaked three or 4 times in one day. I still find seawatching very difficult.
I now know why...well another reason other than I'm rubbish at sea watching. I went to the opticians to have an eye test the other day. Prescription has to be changed for both eyes...but the shortsight has def worsened.
I shall soon have 3 pairs of glasses...a reading pair and sunglasses and normal glasses for distance.(I had already decided to change from varifocals)

I know I have often said where is a particular bird and people say you can see it without I know why I couldn' eyesight really couldn't see it!!!

There is hope for the Eagle after all!!

I spent a long time watching Honey Buzzards from a raptor watchpoint in Devon. In my scope.

Well I have reached 300 species of birds seen this year...but the 301 is proving tres difficile!!
Went to Weymouth to see a Glossy Ibis a first for my UK list and dipped!!
Now anything I havent seen is appearing in Ireland (that's not BOU..but some people seem to count the birds they see there along with their UK ones??????????)
Scillies or Cornwall or in Western Scotland or Shetland......

Next Friday I go to Scotland to go to Orkney birding....across to Mainland and North Ronaldsay
so talons crossed for some new birds , possibly lifers and more sea watching practise!!!

oh..lovely today I received my prize for a raffle I went in with RBA (Rare Birds Alert).
at the Bird Fair I was in 4th place I I got to pick a couple of Kit Day's photographs.
They arrived today...really lovely copies of Black Throated Thrush...seen in S Wales earlier this year....and a bird I just never have been in the right place for.....Rose Coloured Starling.
I chose it as it is a lovely composition and a really wonderful example of the species - and as an incentive to see one soon!!

Oh yes the title? well there are at least 5 birds here but who cares its my title!!

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Steve said...

"I am not very good at posting every week let alone every day. Maybe if I was at work I'd do it every morning when I arrived."

Thats a classic Corrina - I have an infrequent Blogg on the go myself and use the other excuse - Maybe if I didn't work I'd start the day with an update - you pays your money you takes your choice I guess :0)

Anyway - keep it up sounds like a fascinating life of bird discovery and I'm dead jealous as I look at the mounds of paperwork in front of me.

best regds Steve Murphy