Sunday, April 23, 2006

Went to my local patch and found a twitch!!

I wrote a very good article on this today..but I'm now deflated as I lost the post...then I managed to find it...and then I found a page where you can delete articles and cos I'm so stupid I had written a couple of comments that got saved as...too depressing to go there...I LOST MY ARTICLE!!

Short version saw 5 new year ticks yesterday...went to see Common and Black Terns dipped the Black....lovely sunny day met a nice welsh birder who told me about a twitch at the very place I was on my way to.....
went on a twitch at my local patch (Staines Moor) and saw a Bluethroat...met a guy called Paul.
Paul should have been collecting his fiance engagement ring but she had said he could go to see if he could see a lifer!! I brought him luck he said as we did see the bird!!Hopefully we shall be going birding again.

Birdman.....swallow and swifts now seen (just seen your comment...) see Bigg Bird Forum.....


DH59 said...

I hope you're sorted now, Corinna.

You don't post a comment - you have to start a new post altogether. Only time you post a comment is if someone posts one in response to your post and you reply to it in the comments box.

Eagleseagles said...

here we go then...thanks for having a look!!

The Birdman said...

Hey C... thanks for the Swallows heads up.

They've made it here, but no Swifts yet!